soak1 S3 [səuk US souk] v
[: Old English; Origin: socian]
1.) [I and T]
if you soak something, or if you let it soak, you keep it covered with a liquid for a period of time, especially in order to make it softer or easier to clean
Soak the clothes in cold water.
Let the pans soak; I'll wash them later.
soak sth off/out
(=remove it by soaking)
Put the bottle in soapy water to soak the label off.
2.) [I always + adverb/preposition, T]
to make something completely wet
Police aimed water hoses at the marchers, soaking them.
soak through/into etc
The blood soaked through the bandage.
soak sth in/with sth
a rag soaked with oil
to spend a long time taking a bath
Soak in a warm bath to relax.
4.) [T] [i]informal
to make someone pay too much money in prices or taxes
taxes that soak the middle classes
soak up [soak sth<=>up] phr v
1.) if something soaks up a liquid, it takes the liquid into itself
He used a towel to soak up the blood.
2.) soak up the sun/rays/sunshine etc
to sit outside for a long time enjoying the sun
3.) to enjoy a place by watching it or becoming involved in it
Go to a sidewalk cafe, order coffee, and soak up the atmosphere .
4.) to learn something quickly and easily
Children soak up language incredibly quickly.
soak 2
soak2 n [singular]
1.) a long and enjoyable time spent sitting in the bath
I had a good long soak in the bath.
2.) BrE when you soak something
Give the towels a good soak , they're very dirty.
3.) an old soak
someone who is often drunk - used humorously

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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